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June 2022

UPDATE: We are improving our offering of this training.   Please email us if you would like to be notified when the NEW AND IMPROVED version of Becoming Virtually Impressive is available.  Thank you.


Is it time that you to became Virtually Impressive? 

Fact.   Virtual Meetings aren't going away any time soon. 

Fact.  You CAN learn how to skillfully navigate and Host your own meetings in  the world of virtual meeting spaces. 

Fact. You've had access to your personal WebMeeting account on LSENGAGE since the first day you had access to your LSENGAGE account.

Come ZOOM with LegalShield Certified Field Trainer Keith Morrison and learn the basics of working your ZOOM Web Meeting platform right through your personal LSENGAGE account.

Each one hour session of Virtually Impressive with LSENGAGE WebMeeting  will focus on key skills you need to know putting you in charge.

Topics include skill building elements like The Dashboard, Accessing your Web Meeting account, Setting meetings , Inviting others, Time limits and audience sizes for each meeting,  Calling instant meetings with the  MEET NOW feature, Creating Virtual Backgrounds, proper lighting, cameras Screen & Video sharing right from your own meeting and much much more!  

There is no charge for you to participate.  Registration for each session is required.  Go to